About the symposium

The 15th International Symposium on Metal-Hydrogen Systems" (MH2016), the world largest conference on hydrogen in materials, will take place from 7. - 12. August 2016 in Interlaken, Switzerland. Abstract submission starts at at 1. February 2016.


The topics covered by 16th International Symposium on Metal-Hydrogen Systems can be separated into three main themes: Fundamental Properties, Materials and Applications.

F. Fundamental properties of metal-hydrogen systems

F1. Crystal structures, thermodynamics and phase diagrams

F2. Catalysis and reaction kinetics

F3. Diffusion and transport phenomena

F4. Surface and interface effects

F5. Physical properties

F6. Material synthesis and characterisation

F7. Isotope (H, D and T) effects

F8. Extreme conditions (high pressure, high temperature hydrides)

M. Materials involving hydrogen

M1. Metallic hydrides

M2. Ionic and complex hydrides

M3. Chemical and organic hydrides

M4. Nanoporous materials

A. Applications of metal-hydrogen systems

A1. Hydrogen storage systems

A2. Large scale storage and transport of hydrogen

A3. Electrochemical applications: batteries and fuel cells

A4. Hydrogen purification: solid state diffusion and porous systems

A5. Effects of hydrogen on structural and containment materials

A6. Other applications of metal-hydrogen systems

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